Dappled Cities Set Release Date For ‘Lake Air’ Album

Get your pencils and diaries out, DAPPLED CITIES release date for their new album, Lake Air has been confirmed as August 3. The fourth album from the band will be the first release to come off HUB: The Label, a collaboration between HUB and Inertia.

DAPPLED CITIES‘ first single off the upcoming album began with the epic, Run With The Wind which received rave reviews. Lake Air is said to duck and weave between genres, going from heartfelt and emotive to debauched and downright dirty. This is a departure from their 2009 release, Zounds and a welcome change to DAPPLED CITIES style.

DAPPLED CITIES have rarely disappointed in the past, so the imminent release of Lake Air should have you shaking in your boots. Well, calm down. Go check out our Late Night Red Wine RDIO Playlist (in which Dappled Cities feature), pour yourself a glass of red, and start counting down the days until August 3. 50 days to go! That’s a lot of red wine….

Words by Jessica Holton.



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