VIDEO PREMIERE: Reptile Youth ‘Black Swan Born White’

Okay, so it’s pretty clear that we love REPTILE YOUTH, but it turns out that they love us just as much…

As after we premiered their last single, ‘Speeddance‘, to the world a couple of months back – the guys from Copenhagen have given us the Australian premiere of the latest single, ‘Black Swan Born White’.

This time around the video seems to follow a somewhat disjointed and strange narrative unlike their previous effort, which was a compilation of live clippings. We don’t exactly know what is happening in it, but it follows the band and a super attractive girl through a forest – before a shirtless lead vocalist Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen is pushed into a river at gunpoint. If you can pick up an intended meaning, please let us know, but we’re not that fussed as it’s pretty visually pleasing regardless.

As for the second single, it sees the Youth expand their sound towards a grandiose post-punk pop, building on the frantic nature of ‘Speeddance’. Already a live favourite at their increasingly intense gigs, Kristiansen’s vocals soar above the funk-driven robo-rhythm, while an instantly addictive melody puts their newwave roots on display for the first time. Overall, it’s as if WhoMadeWho decided they wanted to become a punk band.

Black Swan Born White is out now on 7 or 12″, as well as a digital pack featuring remixes from S.C.U.M, Terranova, Mark E & Keep Shelly In Athens. But if you’re a little bit too poor, you can check the video below right now.

Words: Tom Hutchins.



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