WATCH: Step-Panther ‘Galactic Hurricane’

In the spirit of the whole ‘end of the world’ vibe that’ll be going around this New Year’s Eve, my good friend Josh is going to be throwing the end of all ‘End of the World’ parties. And let me just say that I’ve found the song that we’ll be listening to on the stroke of midnight

STEP-PANTHER‘s new video for ‘Galactic Hurricane’ hosts a black and white theme and a wicked strobe that’s got to be some sort of clever hypnosis trick. Not that they need it: indie drummer, long haired rock’n’roll bassist and an uninterested lead singer? This video clip has it all. But regardless of their indie rock prowess, STEP-PANTHER have me captivated; and this new clip is some clever, clever shit.

So, when its 12:01 on NYE, and we’re all standing around, blinking blindly at the sky that remains completely intact; we will cheer not only for the continuation of our little planet, but for the rad kid that walked over to the cd player (so indie) and hit repeat.

Words by Allie Speers



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