WATCH: Phondupe ‘Dinner Melts’

Production duo extraordinaires PHONDUPE hail from our very own Sydney, which therefore entitles us to wholly and completely act like proud parents. Their recently released EP Dinner Melts has already gone wild, moving its way up into the top ten on the Triple J Unearthed chart in under two weeks. So put this shit on the fridge!

The EP is totally chilled and is a prime concoction of trip-hop and experimental with loads of cut-up beats and mellow vocals. The tracks aren’t so incredibly experimental that you feel like you’re living inside a David Lynch film, but just enough to be awarded a gold star or 50.

It is noticeably grounded and sounds really organic, definitely one of my favourite things about it. It’s not pretentious and if it were human, I’d most likely befriend it.

‘Aviary West’, a track from the EP  has recently been accompanied by an awesome film clip, directed by local talent Benjamin Zadig. The film clip is not exactly what I was expecting when I listened to the track on its lonesome, but is a really unique concept that feeds into the mystifying, dream-like tone of this track.

Overall, the EP makes for an interesting listen especially when you’re in the mood for some hard earned chillz. See what you think!

Download the EP  for free HERE.

Words by Adriana Barro.




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