WATCH: DZ Deathrays ‘Teenage Kickstarts’ Live @ Studio 301, Sydney.

Too be honest, I had never listened to Brisbane Thrash Popper’s DZ DEATHRAYS before. I’ve always wondered just what “Thrash Pop” was exactly. Well… now I know, it’s intense, it’s loud, and it’s actually quite fucking wonderful.

A reminiscent blending of Cage the Elephant & Wolfmother with a dash of The Doors, ‘Teenage Kickstarts’ gives me the urge throw down some cheap liquid out of a shiny, sliver sack (no cup necessary) and jump around abysmally. Recorded Live at Studio 301 in Sydney; this raw, untamed duo will have you out of your seat and on your feet until they ache & bleed. Even if DZ DEATHRAYS is not necessarily your usual ‘cup of tea’ I say tip out your tea, toss that cup in the trash, raid your liquor cabinet (or your parents?) and try something new! DO ITTTTTTTT.

Words by: Chloe Webb



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