REVIEW: Beach House ‘Bloom’

I’m not sure words can adequately describe BEACH HOUSE’s brand spankin’ new album Bloom. Chill maybe. Quiet. Soothing. The kind of album you listen to in its entirety when you’re on a bus reading Chekhov and don’t want to be distracted from the richness of the literature.

This album comes in the wake of the commercial success of 2010’s Teen Dream, the lovely 2008 LP Devotion and their critically acclaimed self-titled debut. You’ve already heard Myth’ so I wont go into that lovely little opening track. Nor will I elaborate upon my personal favourite and special Record Store Day release, Lazuli.’

Feel the whimsy in ‘Wild’ as vocalist Victoria Legrand draws you in rough yet sweet like sorrow then feel the steadily increasing woe in ‘Other People.’ Although we could keep swimming steadily across the dream pop pool, let’s just dive right into the deep end of the album into the glorious soundscape, ‘Troublemaker.’ Legrand’s vocal tone takes on an almost desperate tone in this lovely little track, complete with twanging guitars and atmospheric organ. The tension builds in each verse, leaving you lovelorn and eager for more at every turn.

Some may argue that Beach House is too repetitive, or is perhaps simply quiet background music. To that we say BOO YOU, because this quiet background music seems to perfectly encapsulate our moodiness and that’s what good music does; it harnesses and expresses a feeling, however gloomy. This is especially the case with the peak of this floaty album, ‘On The Sea.’

The album ends with sweet little ‘Irene’ building and building until my cup runeth over. And that’s not counting the super special secret track which I’ll leave you to hear for yourself.

Bloom hits stores May 11 thanks to Mistletone Records.

Words by Hannah Story.



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