Purple Sneakers ‘On The Groove’ RDIO Playlist

What’s that? On the groove? What on earth does that mean, you great fat kook? It means that this Saturday, PURPLE SNEAKERS DJS will be road trippin’ (on the move…) to Groovin’ the Moo. See how witty we are? So witty. On the groove is probably the cleverest title I’ve ever come up with. 

So students and studettes, you’ve taken the crash course in the Groovin’ the Moo line-up. You’ve listened to the mixtape and you’re all up to speed, right? And now you’re thinking man, I need something to listen to so I get in the mood for an awesome festival (whether you’re headed to Maitland or Bendigo or wherever). You’re thinking “I wonder what PURPLE SNEAKERS DJS would be listening to on their road trip” and hoping it’ll inspire you to make your own rockin’ playlist for the 2 hour drive to Bendigo.. Well, we’ve got your back. Never fear. PURPLE SNEAKERSGroovin’ the Moo RDIO Roadtrip playlist is here.

Why you sobbing, girlie? You don’t have a ticket and you really want these two young lads to DJ your lacy socks off? Well come on down to CAN’T SAY Friday night, where they’ll be contributing to the awesome party atmosphere with pals INDIAN SUMMER DJs + Star Slinger, Flume, Electric Sea Spider and more. Join the FACEBOOK EVENT now!



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