LISTEN: Mr Little Jeans ‘Runaway’ (Yelle DJs Remix)

Okay, I think this is how it goes. MR LITTLE JEANS is actually Ms. Monica Birkeness, a Norwegian artist generally working within that whole lo-fi indie dance trend. Her major label debut is out in August and about a month ago, the video for lead single ‘Runaway’ was released.

It’s been remixed a few times already by acts like WAVVES, but now TEPR, from the French electropop band Yelle, has given it his own spin under the name Yelle DJs.

Here’s the less confusing part, which is the song itself. It’s an instantly groovy, club-friendly take, making full use of that ‘seductive feminine vocal over four-to-the-floor bounce’ house music trick. It’s been getting comparisons to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs which is kinda who you want to be getting compared to if you’re making dance remixes in this day and age.

So if you want something bright and relentlessly euphoric to dance around your room to, give it a spin (or a click, I guess).

Words by Matt Nielson.



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