LISTEN: Kimbra ‘Remix EP’

I’m going to start off with a little slice of the honesty cake and say that upon first listen, I actually could not stand KIMBRA’s music. But by actually sitting down, taking some time to listen to the album and delving deeper into her LP Vows, I realised that there was more to KIMBRA’s music than meets the eye. She elegantly showcases her immediate sound, yet creating a fantastic layer of rhythmic techniques such as the regular inclusion of ostinatos and the call and response feature. From the huge buzz that Vows created, there was bound to be a plethora of remixes that would make their way around the internet. Sure enough, four of those many remixes were chosen and created into a free downloadable EP, fittingly titled Remix EP.

NYC based DJ, BRENMAR is one of the four artists whose tracks made it onto Remix EP. Even upon first listen, it is easy to distinguish similarities and differences between his version of ‘Settle Down’ and the original. KIMBRA’s distinctively gracious voice is accentuated by a constant beat, an electronic fanfare, and the occasional oohs and ahhs by the choir-esque vocals hidden in the background. A beautifully mixed track, accentuated by true elements of the original track has in turn, created a soft and chill sound. Definitely one to set the mood.

A man making music is one to commend. A man making already great music even better, is one to applaud. Dreamy, fluffy and hazy are three of the many words that should be used to describe this track. UK DJ, GEORGE FITZGERALD made his contribution to the EP by creating an astoundingly chill remix of KIMBRA’s ‘Build Up’. Opening with a fluent array of synthesised sounds, building up to her voice belting out upon the foreground of the song, followed by a meaty bass riff underneath, this track is one to get your toes tapping.

But why have one when you can have two? Another addition to the already fantastic EP, is the BENJAMIN DAMAGE remix of ‘Settle Down’. Nothing close to similar to BRENMAR’s remix, this upbeat, finger-snapping, toe-tapping menagerie of electronic sounds makes your ears literally sort through the different layers, I mean there are actually about 6 or 7 layers of sounds. Clicking, harmonies, basic beats, the main vocals, synthetic drones and all with the eventual introduction and reintroduction of a few familiar beats. A 5 and a half minute expression of BENJAMIN DAMAGE’s perception of ‘Settle Down’ effectively begins the descent to the end.

Drowzily contaminated with a consistent flow, eventuating into a mess of upbeat rhythms that make you want to get up and get down, OWSEY has put the cherry on the icing with this amazingly infectious dance remix of ‘Cameo Lover’. As the final featured track on the EP, it has a major job to do, and wow did it do the job. An intense five and a half minute continuous stream of pure synths, with a crafty melody, it 110% proves itself as a perfect addition to the EP.

As a follow up from ‘Vows’, this collaborative addition to KIMBRA’s already extensively huge discography, is definitely one to listen to. No matter what the mood is, there is a song on it that will fit your criteria, whether it be something to relax to, something to party to or something to be social with, this carefully structured EP is certainly one to have – and you can download it FREE from her Soundcloud.

Words by Caitlin Medcalf.



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