LISTEN: Dune Rats ‘Fuck It’

In the past week, my car (which looks something like this) was hit from behind by a Prado, so no song has ever more fully encompassed my current emotional range than the latest from DUNE RATS; the emotively-titled – but, surprisingly upbeat – ‘Fuck It’.

I personally look forward to enjoying the DUNE RAT’s delightfully apathetic fare during the forty minute bus ride to and from work, because more likely than not it will make me feel like the heroine in a daytime movie about an unpopular high school student who takes off her glasses and discovers she’s hot but then later realizes that what’s inside her head is more important (but remains hot, and popular).

To be honest with you, I can’t give you a genre for DUNE RATS. This particular song seems to be caught somewhere between late 90’s garage rock and more recent incarnations of surf sounds. Thankfully though, the song never becomes schizophrenic while straddling these two lines: if anything, intertwining the two adds a certain charm to the song that you wouldn’t necessarily anticipate from something so profanity-laden.

Here’s another suggestion for enjoying this track: if you’re looking for an anthem to get you through the dissolution of a partnership, this is the song for you! You might, for example, enjoy it following a break up with a particularly pig-headed partner, primarily due to the lyric “I didn’t like you much / Fuck it” but also “You never say you’re wrong / Fuck it”. (Don’t worry guys, it’s not all swearing. Those are just my two favourite lines in the song.)

You can find more information on the band on their Facebook page.

Words by Cheryl Billman.



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