Being a true fan of psych-pop, I was stoked when I got the call for a sneaky chat with OPOSSOM. I did not plan to spend my afternoon listening to the whacked out ramblings of frontman Kody Neilson, with a tune similar to the confessions of a stoner. But alas, the love for the psychedelic, garage-pop sounds of Opossom had me translating his thick New Zealand accent and chatting about a lot of things other than sheep.

First things first, it would be easy to presume that possums were a fixture in frontman Neilson‘s world. You would be wrong on numerous levels. For those of you who are adopted Aussies who try to hide the Kiwi accent, you would know the pure hatred for the stinking marsupials. Well, Neilson loved the idea, and hence named his band after it.

Electric Hawaii is a short and sweet album of electronic psych. It’s a little white tablet to your ears and there’s nothing like getting what you paid for. Named so, to “represent” Nielson’s heritage- his Hawaiian and Polynesian descent. Neilson said “it’s his attempt to bring some rock and roll to Polynesia or Polynesia to rock and roll.” Either way, his true love for his home, freedom, life and his girlfriend are all apparent from our conversation.

The ten-song album is a continuous, synthetic dribble of pleasing sound, which possibly draws upon the influence of  illicit substances (but that’s just a guess). You know, maybe. A nonchalant mix of electronic sounds that are just as breezy and carefree as the nature of Neilson and OPOSSOM.

Electric Hawaii is out June 1. For all you cool cats like me who prefer vinyl, a sneaky exclusive version will hit the shelves then too.

Words by Mikayla Couch


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