WATCH: Shady Lane ‘Convenient Face Hinge’

We’ve mentioned Sydney quartet SHADY LANE before, their latest single is called Convenient Face Hinge and seems to continue the bands progression from what sounds like a finely tuned bedroom project to a fully fledged live experience. If we thought the first single from their debut album ‘Built Guilt’ was sounding less electronic than previous efforts, this new single is on a total different plain.

Above is the clip for Convenient Face Hinge, it shows you all the consequences of puppets consuming too much baked beans and health pills. It’s definitely a weird one… As their band name suggests, this tune goes into the realm of a fuzzed Pavement jam, with only very small amounts of vocals in the 3 minutes of song. You probably won’t hear this one on Triple J any time soon but it’s a funky, upbeat, sunny winner, with a very interesting film clip.

The new album Built Guilt is out May 18, thanks to RICE IS NICE.



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