WATCH: Rainbow Chan ‘Lovefool’

Question: What’s cuter than eight kittens dressed up like bumblebees, all watching The New Girl at the same time, while a puppy in a ladybug costume reads Hello Giggles in the corner on a tiny, puppy-sized computer? Hint: it’s not you.

Answer: Her name is Rainbow Chan, she’s in a Chinese noise/punk band, and went to Iceland for FBi Radio‘s Northern Lights competition with fellow Sydneysider Oliver Tank, returning to Australia to record the Northern Lights EP.

Her live setup is as diverse as her music, ranging from loop pedals and bits and bobs of analogue goodness when she’s playing solo, to using a backing band with guitars, keyboards, and drums, to having a chamber orchestra playing behind her.

Sometimes menacing, sometimes disturbing, but, above all, always cute (confusingly enough), Rainbow Chan‘s beautiful music weaves stories that you will get lost in for the entirety of their duration.

This is her cover of The Cardigans’ ‘Lovefool’, an example of her more stripped-back solo setup which showcases the twisted, dark music which contrasts against, yet works well with, her gorgeous vocals — the aural equivalent of a serial-killing fuzzy-wuzzy teddy bear.

By the way, did I mention she’s adorable?

Words by Stephen Pham.



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