STREAM: Santigold ‘Master of My Make-Believe’

SANTIGOLD has come storming back into the hearts and minds of indie boys and girls everywhere with her second album, Master of My Make-Believe.

4 years in the making, it’s been eagerly awaited after the widespread success of her first album Santogold in 2008. Even people unfamiliar with her wider body of work will be able to sing along to tracks like ‘Creator’ and ‘L.E.S. Artistes,’ and that stands as a testament to Santi White’s vocal talent.

So here at the office, we’re listening to Master of My Make-Believe as I scribble out this post. And I’m struggling to find the words to express just how much I like Santigold. A whole lot. A whole lot more than a lot. I think it has a lot to do with the richness of her vocals, and how I just kind of get the feeling she’s a real badass. You’ve already been exposed to ‘Disparate Youth’ and ‘Big Mouth.’ Well here’s your chance to stream the whole album start to finish over at NPR Music.

Yup, PURPLE SNEAKERS fucking love Santigold.

Words by Hannah Story.



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