Rusko x Cypress Hill ‘Roll It, Light It’ + EP

When RUSKO isn’t getting in trouble for running his mouth off on twitter, labelling Deadmau5 a **** and his record label ‘f**king useless numbskulls,’ he seems to spend his time producing his own breed of Dubstep. His latest record titled Songs fused the dirty electronic sounds of dubstep (which he is largely credited with helping pioneering… or in James Blake’s view, ruining), with pop sensibilities.

Sitting in an interesting midpoint between the distorted ‘brostep’ sounds of artists such as Skirllex and Flux Pavillion, and the more commercially viable electronic music of Guetta and other vocal-house artists; his announcement last year that he was touring with special guests Sen Dog and B-Real of CYPRESS HILL was met with mixed reactions.

“With this release, we’re starting another chapter for Cypress Hill because it’s something that we’ve never done before,” says Sen Dog. “I think it’s going to take people by surprise. We’re not scared to take a chance. It’s made us feel rejuvenated musically and that’s all you can ask for as a musician; to be able to feel new again after so many years.”

After the first performance of ‘Roll it, Light it’, a cut off of the upcoming Cypress X Rusko EP, the response was quite positive, you can judge for yourself:

Arguments arise about ‘bandwagon’ artists; that the Cypress Hill pair is cashing in on the latest musical craze… However with Rusko continuing to pave the way for a new pop-dubstep sound, and Cypress Hill continuing to push the boundaries of hip-hop just as they did with their fusion of rap and rock earlier in their career; for some, this is a match made in heaven.

Words by Fuck the Radio.

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