LISTEN: Richard in Your Mind ‘Maybe When the Sun Comes Down (Cloud Control XTREMIX)’

What the hell are you doing, holding that shell to your ear? You look ridiculous. What’s wrong with you? There’s an easier way to get the ocean in your ears, and it doesn’t involve listening to shells or scraping sand from your ear canals. And the ocean is exactly what you’ll be thinking of when you hear CLOUD CONTROL‘s XTREMIX (that’s right, not just a remix) of RICHARD IN YOUR MIND‘s ‘Maybe When the Sun Comes Down’.

Maybe it’s because I went on a killer road trip to the south coast last weekend, but ‘Maybe When the Sun Comes Down (Cloud Control XTREMIX) reminds me of sitting on the rocks and staring at the ocean: an awe-inspiring force to be reckoned with that is nevertheless intricate and beautiful. Delicate, dancing synths fade  out, only for another layer to swell up and take the original’s place, an endless cycle which doesn’t tire. The splashing, crashing cymbals are reminiscent of watching waves lap at the shore, which bubble as they recede back into the ocean.

It’s an amazing song, and an amazing remix that will leave you feeling sahhhhh chill.

Words by Stephen Pham


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