LISTEN: Portugal. The Man, ‘All Your Light (Times Like These)’ (RZA Remix)

Just like blue and orange, and all colours at opposing ends of the colour wheel, PORTUGAL.THE MAN and RZA prove that opposites do indeed attract.

Now that this week’s ‘Colours’ lecture is now over, we can move on to musing how fucking-insanely-cool the bizarre concoction of a psychedelic tune and Wu-Tang go together. Just like any famous combinations in the past- like Torvill and Dean or Maccas french-fries dipped in ice cream- PTM and RZA have got it going on.

PTM’s track entitled ‘All Your Light’ is perhaps as ‘chavvy’ as the band will ever get, yet their renowned style almost holds back the dirty dance beast within the song. RZA helps the beast roam free; this is one tune you would never have doubts over playing at any party where the vibe is down and dirty.

Words by Simon Frazer.



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