LISTEN: Jenny Broke The Window

JENNY BROKE THE WINDOW are a kick ass indie five piece from The Gong making waves in Sydney. Playing along PURPLE SNEAKERS DJs recently in Canberra, I grabbed the opportunity to see them again on Friday night at [email protected] Bar. They were more than happy to grab a drink (and several tequilas) with myself and The Holidays after the show, along with a sneaky chat.

There are two Matt’s, two brothers, an additional sess guy and a whole load of jingly indie records. And there were general groans of irritation when anyone squealed “Who’s Jenny? And what window was it?” To save you the time – and to save them from exasperated eye rolling when they read this – she was a bitch and the lead singer Sam is a sook for passing the blame of breaking a window onto her. The end.

They sure are the ladies men, singing songs about Jenny and Daniela… On the three occasions of seeing their set, they have filled the dance floor with just ladies alone. I myself even developed a school-yard crush on their bassist. But after all the small town indie band stardom, they were still surprisingly humble and kind gentleman.

Their EP is a real treat and sometimes if you are lucky they are super jazzed off on an adrenaline rush and hand them out after a show for free! They sound positively pop like with a side stream of blues melancholy with a little bit of something like Jinja Safari, Glass Towers and Razorlight mixed in. ‘Fancy Dress’ was always a real crowd pleaser with everyone singing along word for word. We were grooving at all times, and there was even a poor attempt of crowd surfing made within the huddled basement.

They’re currently making the rounds of FBi Radio and Triple J, so it’s just the beginning for these bright eyed boys. You can catch them at their next gig at Yours and Owls on the 27th of April, or check out their Facebook page for more deets.

Words By Mikayla Couch.



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