LISTEN: Holy Esque ‘Rose’

HOLY ESQUE are a group of young lads from Glasgow who are currently being globally hyped for the release of their first EP. All between the ages of 19 and 20, the band creates post-punky/soft-rock that is safe and palatable. 

‘Rose’ is no exception, it is the epitome of a traditional indie rock anthem. That is, except for the strange sheep-like voice of singer Pat Hynes. He literally bleets his way through the entire track. Some might find his vocal qualities annoying but they really are far more interesting than the I-swear-I-know-this-song-it’s-all-too-familiar music underpinning them.

Perhaps I have been too harsh on HOLY ESQUE and maybe their EP will have something worthwhile to offer but right now they just seem like a beautifully wrapped box with no present inside.

Their self-titled debut EP is due to be released on April 23 and will be available digitally on iTunes and on CD at their upcoming shows.

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Words by Amy Wilson.


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