LISTEN: Breakbot ‘Programme’

BREAKBOT is undoubtedly one of the suavest motherfunkers on this planet, and of course he’s done it again with his new tune ‘Programme.’ This track was pulled off his upcoming album By Your Side which is set to drop in September of this year.

‘Programme’ has more of a melancholic vibe in comparison to something like  ‘Fantasy’ (watch the official film clip below), and a couple of his other super bangin’ tracks from last year. Although it’s a lot different to his other recent work, ‘Programme’ still oozes BREAKBOT and is completely brimming with class.

It kinda makes you feel like you’re driving down a never-ending highway in the middle of the night, circa 1975.

It may be the lack of vocals, or the lasting guitar riff that it winds down on, but something about this track makes it perfect for those times when you need music to ponder life…or late nights spent stalking your non-reciprocating lover.

Words: Adriana Barro



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