Feature Artist: Star Slinger

With the announcement of Star Slinger’s coming appearance at CAN’T SAY still ringing in our ears, it seems a good time to answer the question, “who the fuck is STAR SLINGER”?

On paper, he’s Darren Williams, a Manchester-based producer firmly entrenched in this whole internet generation of hazy, shimmering hip-hop beats. The reason so many people have been babbling incomprehensibly about his trip Down Under is that he’s just so damn good at making those beats.

Star Slinger put Vol. 1 up for free download in 2010. It’s an instant classic beat tape, and for good reason—the instant that comfort food soul sampling starts, you just feel great inside. It’s not labored or contrived or ever difficult to sit through, just beautifully chopped up melodies that sink straight into your bones.

With Vol. 1 so obviously brilliant, it’s been a steady trajectory upwards for Star Slinger. He’s gone from a guy who would accept your friend request on Facebook (one of the highlights of my social media life) to remixing Mount Kimbie, A$AP Rocky and Rihanna, putting out eclectic mixes for Altered Zones and Fabric and now producing his own twisted takes on Dirty South hip-hop with verses from prominent rappers like Juicy J and Lil B. Did I mention this is all freely available on his Soundcloud (probably the best one on the Internet)?

If that wasn’t enough, he’s running a club night in Slovenia and lining up a tour schedule that takes in most of the known world. There are many rumours but few hard facts about a forthcoming Star Slinger album, so maybe you’ll just have to ask him at his CAN’T SAY gig. I’ll be the guy weeping with joy on the dancefloor.

Have a listen to his most recent track, ‘Bad Bitches’;

Words by Matt Nielson. 


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