DIPLO’S BOOK ‘128 Beats Per Minute’

I say ‘cool’, you think Diplo. That’s the way it is.

Thomas Wesley Pentz (a.k.a. Diplo), DJ, producer, songwriter, curator of Mad Decent Records, and, most recently, host of BBC’s Radio 1 on Saturday nights, is highly influential in culture, music, and fashion. Gathering music from all over the world, he gives it much-deserved exposure in clubs while DJ-ing; meanwhile, his talent and worldliness as a producer have put a spin on the sounds of M.I.A. and BeyoncĂ© that is markedly his own.

Of course, Diplo‘s vision is a result of his travels, being involved in music scenes tucked away in all the corners of the world, from baile funk in Brazil to dub reggae in Jamaica. Accompanied by Shane McCauley’s photos, Diplo‘s book, 128 Beats Per Minute, is a documentation of his journey from the beginning. It provides insight into the genesis of Mad Decent, and explains the music and touring of Diplo today.

From improvising dancehall parties, to being sponsored by Korean beer companies, to working for Blackberry, Diplo‘s 128 Beats Per Minute showcases not only his incredible work ethic that has made him the quintessential icon of cool today, but also the world’s beautiful people, fascinating cultures, and thriving scenes that have the power to influence the world in all the right ways.

Watch the mini-documentary for Diplo below:

Words by Stephen Pham


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