WATCH: The Making of ‘Stop the Virgens’

Just announced on the VIVID LIVE line-up ‘Stop The Virgens’ looks epic! We hope you’re not too attached to your mind because in about five minutes it’s going to become decorative splatter on the wall behind you. You’re about to read about a collaborative effort so huge and holy, the gods themselves must have climbed down from Mount Olympus to pen contracts and plot meetings. 

If the words rock, opera and musical (or any combination thereof) leave you colder than an Arctic penguin, reconsider how you feel about those three little words attached to the words KAREN O, star and brains trust. Now consider this: Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Sam Speigel (Squeak E Clean; N.A.S.A), co-music directors.

If your brain is trembling and your lips are quivering, read on.

Last October The Creators Project produced a psycho-opera called Stop the Virgens, a live version of an unreleased album written by Karen and a host of drool-inducing collaborators several years ago, and it premiered at St Anns Warehouse in Brooklyn to predictable buzz and acclaim.

The Creators Project has now released a two part behind-the-scenes documentary demonstrating the process of bringing Stop the Virgens to fruition. Check it out before you buy your VIVID tickets!

Watching Karen O speak candidly about the creation of an album never released is one of the more hypnotizing experiences of the documentary, and it’s fascinating to watch a team of such accomplished creatives work through introspection and uncertainty to create a genre-bending product without precedent.

Stop the Virgens includes production design by K.K. Barrett (Where the Wild Things Are, Lost in Translation) and direction by Adam Rapp (director, Winter Passing; creative consultant, The L Word).

Words by Cheryl Billman.




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