WATCH: Sea Legs ‘Boyfriend’

SEA LEGS played last year at Purple Sneakers‘ Sydney party LAST NIGHT with MIAMI HORROR DJS and have been on a steady gig streak since then. They have a live set scheduled at the Upstairs Beresford on April 21, will we see you there?

Their single, ‘Boyfriend’ features a glittering guitar riff that cascades down your spine as you listen to the opening bars. Lead singer, Byron Knight sings with an understated passion that you can’t help but be enthralled by the lyrics, “You said you wanted your boyfriend to honeymoon with your best friend”. The quirky song replenishes a certain innocence to indie rock and you may find yourself walking hand in hand with someone while listening to it.

The video to ‘Boyfriend’ has Knight going to the movies and toasting a Corona to the sunset with a blow up doll. Hilarious. ‘Boyfriend’ is the perfect song to play while doing all the fun things in life; like drinking beer, holding hands and making out with your blow up boyfriend.

Words by Jessica Holton.



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