WATCH: Bluejuice ‘On My Own’

Australia’s favourite rope jumping rock-pop outfit BLUEJUICE are back in full film-clip force with the release of their latest video ‘On My Own’, the final song off their 2011 record, Company.

Whilst the video sadly contains no grandmother-pashing, it will, like every other Bluejuice clip, get a few giggles out of you.

Directed by Sam Bennett – who has spearheaded five out of seven film clips for the band – the video depicts Jake Stone and Stav Yiannoukas looking forlornly into the distance as they wander along the beach, stopping intermittently to — what else? — stroke the belly of a pregnant woman.

Very reminiscent of the tacky 80’s and 90’s clips that were burned into our retinas as kids, ‘On My Own’ also features a karaoke sing-a-long track that runs along the bottom of the screen.

Cringe-worthy, but fun and hilarious – in other words, typical Bluejuice.

Words by Lauren Morton.



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