TOP FIVES: Chris Apeitos from Fuck the Radio

Chris Apeitos is the guy behind Fuck the Radio– a chillwave\trip-hop blog which has expanded (ironically) into a Melbourne-based radio show and soon-to-be record label. He produces music and dee-jays under the name Bee Ampersand. He also co-hosts the dubstep radio show Dubcage despite being on his last warning for swearing too much and being drunk on-air once.

Let Apeitos share with you his top tracks.


Top 5 Albums

  1. The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love
  2. Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand
  3. Bibio Ambivalence Avenue 
  4. GorillazDemon Days
  5. Ackryte/Broke/Repeat Pattern – Love Exposure

Australian Artists

  1. The Avalanches
  2. Polographia
  3. Opiuo
  4. Rat vs Possum
  5. Daddy Cool

Tracks you have on repeat now

  1. Bonobo – ‘Noctuary’
  2. Polographia – ‘Righteous Hit’
  3. April March – ‘Chick Habit’
  4. Knobsticker – ‘Upside Down’
  5. Distuition – ‘Oneder’

Gigs you’ve been to

  1. The Prodigy @ Future Music Festival ’10
  2. Borgore/Mustard Pimp/Designer Drugs/Q.G/Zayler/Glass Mirrors @ Voltage
  3. The Bloody Beetroots/Ratatat/Rammstein @ Big Day Out ’11
  4. Wintercoats & Oliver Tank @ The Worker’s Club
  5. Northeast Party House @ The Poncho Party

Places to go for a night out in Melbourne

  1. Highlander Bar
  2. New Guernica
  3. Can’t Say
  4. Voltage
  5. No Future

If you could do it all again, top five songs to lose your virginity to?

  1. Beirut – ‘My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille’
  2. Aphex Twin – ‘Come To Daddy’
  3. Dodge & Fuski – ‘Pornstep’
  4. San Cisco – ‘Awkward’
  5. Hooverphonic – ‘2Wicky’

Music/Entertainment Websites (apart from Purple Sneakers of course!)

  1. Fuck The Radio
  3. A New Band A Day
  4. Bandcamp
  5. SoundCloud


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