Secret Garden Festival Must See Acts

If you were one of the lucky few to get a ticket to The Secret Garden Music Festival, get excited because you are in for the time of your life. Starting on Friday and ending at 6am on Sunday morning, going to this boutique festival is like stepping into Wonderland, full of whimsical, pretty, lovely things and people. Not to mention a whole lot of free alcohol.

With the lineup only released after the tickets were already sold out, ticketholders have even more reason to rejoice – Secret Garden have picked a crop of  Sydney’s – and Australia’s – best small bands. From past line-ups, these bands almost always end up getting a lot bigger after the Festival, so it’s an amazing opportunity not only to see them in an intimate (and accoustically fantastic) setting, but also to mingle with them (if you can recognise them in their costumes).

You can probably tell that I’m pretty psyched for this festival, and if you didn’t get tickets you should totally be jealous. Especially because I will be checking out….



It goes without saying!


I first saw OWL EYES at Secret Garden 2011. We danced like nymphs/clowns/mimes (depending on our costumes) to her honeyed tones late in the afternoon, and it was amazing. I fell a little bit in love. You may have heard OWL EYES on the radio. She sounds even more breathy and melodic in real life. Plus she’s a babe – and of the nice, down-to-earth variety. Trust her to put on a show that you will find yourself dancing to, even if you’re not usually the dancing type.


Those riffs. You know what I’m talking about. That much catchiness can only bode well.


Oh Zimbabwe. I too need a holiday. But until then I’ll settle to rocking out to New Navy, whose percussion is, to put it in a word, amazeballs. Tell me you can stand still while these guys play and I’ll know you are lying.


My best friend plans to marry one or both of the boys from Georgia Fair. We’re still working on the details for the kidnapping though. Once she does, we’ll make them play their beautiful folksy music and dance around/drive along in cars with our heads out of the windows and the wind blowing through our hair. Because, you know, they’re that kind of band.


I have one word for you: theremin. It’s this ridiculously cool instrument where you don’t actually touch it, you just wave your hands around it and it makes noise. Pluto Jonze plays it and it sounds abso-fucking-lutely amazing. If you’ve seen Pluto Jonze before, you know that his music is the type that reverberates up your spine and leaves you feeling tingly. He puts on a hella sweet live show, with props – the kind of thing that will make you feel like you’re tripping a little bit. So worth seeing.


Man can this bird sing. She’s now a solo act, but Mojo Juju still plays a whisky-smooth gypsy-roots-punk. The sound quality on this video isn’t fantastic, but if you talk to anyone who’s seen her live, I can pretty much guarantee that they will have nothing but good things to say.


I may have a little bit of a crush on these guys. They are gorgeous, and so are their voices. They’re a little bit sultry, and a little bit sweet, and you can get lost in the melodies as they weave their stories and completely forget where you are. Not to mention that they look set to be the next big thing on the indie scene if the recent airplay and attention they’ve been getting is anything to go by.


That’s my pick! Find the full Secret Garden lineup here.

Hope you’ve got your costumes ready!

Words by Desiree Conceicao



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