REVIEW: Nite Jewel ‘One Second Of Love’

I’m sure that when NY electro-pop musician NITE JEWEL is mentioned, the images of dolled up ladies vomiting pearls and octopi in their pristine living room doesn’t exactly spring to mind… and with good reason.

Firstly, well it’s just a little twisted isn’t it? And secondly, her last album, Good Evening, was so wonderfully shy and far too detached for such an odd association. A collection of lo-fi pulsing electro tracks with gorgeous airy and distant vocals tip-toeing behind the music. Her latest album however, is seeing her step into new territory. One Second of Love has Ramona Gonzalez fully realising herself, embracing her inner Stevie Nicks and kicking out some serious soul. Not to mention an interesting film clip, featuring the aforementioned vomiting scene, for her title track.

Fans of Good Evening will find that this album is quite a different offering. Personally I was a little taken back at first listen. But I’ve got to say that the more I give it a go, the more I love. One Second of Love manages to marry the ethereal, hypnotic quality of Good Evening with tighter production and charisma. It has the ability to appeal to a wide audience with a range of danceable, soulful tracks while still keeping her ‘liquid cool’ essence.

Words by Chloe Cooper.



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