LISTEN: Burial & Four Tet ‘Nova’

Turn up your speakers, put on your best headphones, whatever: it’s time to settle back and treat your ears to the latest from two of my all-time favourite artists, released just a few weeks after Burial’s Kindred EP.

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, the perfect collaboration between the influential BURIAL and the talented FOUR TET bursts through the scenes once again. These two incredible producers previously worked together back in 2009, creating the monstrous ‘Moth and ‘Wolf Cub. This time, they’ve dropped the enormous tune ‘Nova’, which has since indulged me with such endless, wonderful bliss.

This highlights yet another classic example of blending varying genres together, setting in stone their abilities to produce elegant instrumental pieces and showcasing their overall immense musical talent.

Words by Joodith and Lemonade.



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