WATCH: Northeast Party House ‘Empires’

The Melbourne-based NORTHEAST PARTY HOUSE new video depicts the band playing ‘Empires’ through soft focus, where they recorded in the bushy Australian woodlands. Renown for energetic live performances and infectiously catchy tunes, they’re sort of like Talking Heads meets Gorillaz – with a little bit of cliché 80’s electro thrown into the mix. 

Director Dylan Wiehan has gone for a fragmented effect in the music video; there’s no narrative as such, more an entrancing encaspulation of the band’s dreamy synth for screen.

When Hamilton Reeves’ is singing the hook “we never fought, we never tried”, you can see the articulation of regret on his face. The subtle moody atmosphere continues throughout the clip, and can seem subversive for a song that’s quite low-key in its dynamics and at first a cheerful dance track.

NORTHEAST PARTY HOUSE is touring Australia, along with Nantes and Millions, for the Triple Treat Tour. To buy tickets see HERE.

The band will also be playing at Playground Weekender in March, for line-up details see HERE.

Words by Antigone Anagnostellis.



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