WATCH: Neon Indian’s ‘Fallout’

‘Fallout’ is my favourite cut from NEON INDIAN’s most recent album Era Extraña; It employs a killer 80s synthpop beat, complimented nicely by dreamy lo-fi vocals. The new video for the song is directed by Adult Swim’s Lilfuchs (who also animated the amazing clip for FLYING LOTUS’ ‘Zodiac Shit’).

The style of the video exemplifies the whole 80s-retro feel of the song, while taking a more juvenile approach to its emotional lyrics. This may dissatisfy some of the more romantically minded hardcore fans, nevertheless- the clip is Adult Swim at its best; emulating a bizzaro version of 90s-era MTV.

A mysterious busty femme fatal with a pink head of hair that would make any shampoo model jealous, hits the road in her sleek red convertible to capture the hearts of some unsuspecting local men. Be warned – the not-so subtle sexual innuendos will leave you unable to ever look at filling your car with petrol the same way again.

Whether or not you love the clip and its bizarrely twisted ending, NEON INDIAN’s deliciously fresh 80s sound will be gracing the festival circuit at Playground Weekender in March.

The 2nd line-up announcement was released on Monday. For more details see HERE.

Words by  Chris Apeitos.



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