Top 10 Songs To Have Sex To

Valentines Day is upon us so cue the overpriced priced roses, overcrowded restaurants and cards with silly bears emblazoned across the front. So why so do we go through this yearly ritual of wining and dining our significant (or not so significant) other? To get laid of course!

You may not be able to control the chemistry of the evening but you can increase your chances by putting together a seductive indie playlist. Whether its steady relationship sex, first time sex, pity sex, valentines day only sex, or its a night of romancing yourself, these are the perfect tunes to get down and dirty to (the levels of dirtiness are entirely at your discretion).

My name is Chloe Drumgold and this is how I get freaky.



1. ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’ – BAND OF HORSES
The title sounds dismal but its gets better from here. If you aren’t impressed with your partner let your mind drift towards these indie dream boats. Mmmm beards.

2. ‘Lay It Down’ – THE RUBENS
These new kids on the block are the perfect accompaniment to a good glass of red wine. A good glass or five.

3. ‘Little Bit’ – LYKKE LI
This babe is a modern day aphrodite but significantly less nude which is disappointing. Everything about her leaves you feeling all loved up.

4. ‘Wonder For All’ – HOLIDAY
This adorable little tune clocks in at 0.58seconds. Good for the everyday man who gets things uh, done quickly. Plus whats more romantic than the ukulele?

5. ‘Glory Box’ – PORTISHEAD
Good song. Better sexual innuendo.

6. ‘Run Into Flowers’ – M83
The sweet electronic sounds of M83 will evoke a palpable romantic mood in everyone. Swoon away.

7. ‘Do You Realise?’ – THE FLAMING LIPS
Did somebody say indie dream boat? Well the magnificent Wayne Coyne might not be everyones cup of tea but he does have a nice beard. Sweet lyrics plus a sweet beard deserves mad props. Did I mention I like beards? Hello boys.

8. ‘Hysteric’ – THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS
An absolute pop delight.

9. ‘The Trapeze Swinger’ – IRON AND WINE
You can feel the emotion as Sam Beam sings about forlorn love.

10. ‘Dirty Face’ – EXAMPLE
If you just aren’t romantically inclined but are still seeking a bed buddy, throw on the anti-christ of commitment.  If romance isn’t possible then honesty’s got to count for something right?

Words by Chloe Drumgold.


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