LISTEN: Sufjan Stevens ‘Futile Devices’ (Shigeto Remix)

Airy, lovingly spooky stuff coming from US producer SHIGETO with his remix of SUFJAN STEVENS‘ 2010 track ‘Futile Devices’. The differences between the original and this version are extremely subtle, it seems as though official stems havent even changed hands – we would rather call this a very ellegant tune-up rather than a remix.

Everything has been made slightly richer; deep kicks and claps have been added, strings, clicks, bleeps, echos and delays all blend together to make listening to this track a more substantial experience.

Check out both versions side by side below and see if you can spot the differences. What do you think of this version? Do you see is as an improvement on the original? We’d love to hear your opinion, comment below.

While you’re giving all of this some thought, get around the arts-and-crafts inspired official video for SUFJAN‘s single ‘Get Real, Get Right’ HERE.

Words by Gabe Gleeson.



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