STREAM: Boy Friend ‘Egyptian Wrinkle’

Chillwave’s explosion in recent times has been exciting to some, yet underwhelming to others. The genre’s ease of creation has led to a plethora of effortless remixes and musically bland creations popping up all over the internet. On the flipside however, BOY FRIEND’s melancholic sound (which is as beautiful as the two best friends who created it), reminds us why we started digging the genre in the first place.

Soothing, yet tinged with a subtle sense of mournfulness, the greatest merit that ‘Egyptian Wrinkle’ (the title track of their first LP) possesses, is the fact that it stands out as a unique piece of music. Yet it remains highly accessible to listeners unfamiliar with their previous work, or even those who are unfamiliar with the genre as a whole. Have a listen to BOY FRIEND below:

Words by Fuck The Radio.



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