LISTEN: My Best Fiend ‘Cracking Eggs’

There’s nothing like cold Brooklyn weather to get a band playing psychedelic music. MY BEST FIEND’s In Ghostlike Fading is out February 20. In case you haven’t heard of these guys, have a listen below. This is gorgeous stuff.

It’s 5 beautiful minutes after listening to MY BEST FIEND’s ‘Cracking Eggs’ and I’m still floating. I’m in awe. After reading old interviews with the group – they love Proust and hitting up art galleries- well, I’m ready to propose.

Soft pianos and victorious guitars combine with brooding vocals for 5 uproarious minutes. It’s got a The Sleepy Jackson kind of feel. It slowly builds builds builds until the lead singer lets rip. From then on the climax lasts for ages and never gets boring- it’s reminiscent of always impressive 70s progressive rock instrumentals. The tapestry of sound here, just like in ‘Higher Palms’ is simultaneously engrossing and absolutely lovely. It’s really a joy to hear. And during the afterglow I’m wondering how great the rest of My Best Fiend’s album is going to be. A triumph, no doubt.

My Best Fiend – Cracking Eggs by mybestfiend

Words by Hannah Story.



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