WATCH: Citizens! ‘Reptile’

I really wasn’t sold on this from the first 30 seconds, but once the drums kicked in on CITIZENS! newest single ‘Reptile’, I got what it was all about. My favourite tracks are those ones where the hook taps you on the shoulder and slaps you in the face when you’re foolish enough to turn around… Yeah, this is one of those.

Couple that with a super trendy art studio – rooftop – tea drinking – records playing – top-buttons-done-up – dress shoes dancing – film clip, and you’ve got a hit!

Here’s a good game – sit at home with some friends on a Saturday night watching CITIZENS! clips on Youtube and everytime you see an indie-rock cliche – drink. You’ll be on the floor after about an hour.

Killer vocals, energetic punchy drums and an impeccably well written hook – this track is a definite winner that will be in my head for the rest of the week.

Words by Gabe Gleeson



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