ALBUM REVIEW: Hermitude ‘Hyper Paradise’

Since their debut release, Imaginary Friends in 2001, HERMITUDE have become synonymous with experimental grooves and futuristic beats. Seamlessly fusing electronica, hip hop and even world music, this wildly under-rated Blue Mountains duo (Angus Stuart and Luke Dubber) have time and time again proved themselves to be some of the most unpredictable, innovative and talented producers in the country. After a brief hiatus, the pair is back with their fourth LP, Hyper Paradise.

HERMITUDE’s latest album explores dimensions of both new and old-skool. Genre-hopping from the fat beats and glitchy, inter-stellar FX of ‘The Hunt’, to the calypso summer of the album’s title track, to the chilled out, downbeat, summer-y grooves of ‘Golden’, to banging electronic romper ‘The Villain’, this album shows Hermitude testing the depths of their musical palate.

Triple J listeners will have already enjoyed a taste of Hermitude’s latest work over the past few months. The albums second single ‘Speak of the Devil’ picked up regular rotation on the station last year, which no doubt left listeners nodding their heads and tapping their feet. The accompanying video attracted similar attention, capturing JJJ’s coveted ‘Australian Music Video of the Year Award’.

The most admirable thing about Hyper Paradise (and Hermitude at large) is the preparedness to take risks. Defying trends and ignoring hype, Hermitude are happy doing their own thing, using everything from samplers and synthesizers to kettle-drums and even the sounds of the jungle (see track eight).

Phenomenal percussion work is a constant throughout Hyper Paradise. Both Stuart and Dubber are highly accomplished instrumentalists and this shines through on their latest release. With occasional nods to RATATAT, DJ Shadow and even GLITCH MOB, HERMITUDE utilize their wide array of skills to create a sophisticated yet immensely listener friendly record.

Release date: Feb 3
Label: Elefant Traks 


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