WATCH: The Walking Who ‘Candy Flu’

If swagger was a guitar riff, ‘Candy Flu’ would be it. Wollongong-based trio THE WALKING WHO hatched into existence during 2010, where the release of their debut self-titled EP saw them dubbed as FBI Radio’s ‘Unsigned Artist of the Week’. 

Directed and edited by the band themself, ‘Candy Flu’ is their first ever music video, taken from the late-2011 album of the same name. A psychedelic feast of abstract shapes, paisley patterns and heaps of…well…walking, this mind-addling display will have you questioning if you are in fact, “doing lines”. As for the members’ covered faces, take your pick between artistic anonymity or a very crafty allusion to the band’s name.

But, who knows? Perhaps after watching, you too can walk down a pitch-black road, flannel and duffel coat clad, and achieve this level of cool. (That or a scene from Wolf Creek. Let’s hope it’s not the latter).


Words by Alean Penaflor.


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