WATCH: Real Estate ‘Easy’

It’s a bit of a rarity to see indie rock bands having fun with their music videos; especially since we’re talking about a dream pop band like REAL ESTATE. I guess that would be due to their airy, pleasant and fairly humourless sound.

The band in conjunction with college humour website FUNNY OR DIE have just released the very funny video for their newest track ‘Easy’. It features members of their fictitious street team going to extreme lengths in order to bring attention to their cause. Their enthusiasm starts off quite innocent before developing into something a little more sinister… The clip made me laugh but more importantly it left me with a good feeling knowing that the group don’t take themselves too seriously.

Following the release of their second album Days last year, REAL ESTATE will be touring Australia around their performance at the 2012 Golden Plains Festival. They’ll be playing shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – all dates and ticket information available HERE.

More information on the Golden Plains Festival lineup HERE.



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