WATCH: Bluejuice ‘Shock’

Just as the song title suggests, BLUEJUICE love to shock. Their video for their latest single ‘Shock’ does not let them down. ‘Shock’ is just short of 3 minutes, completely filled by the boys’ antics in Las Vegas. The clip has many tributes to Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (red cadillac convertible, psychedelic sunglasses and tourist hat), with just a little bit of The Hangover thrown in for good measure. 

In a statement to MusicFeeds, Jake Stone shares his thoughts of the experience as being “insane”. Considering the whole clip was filmed over a five day trip to Vegas, we’d have to agree.

The antics seen in this clip include waking up in the desert, partying with a bunch of girls (who they maintain were not strippers), a bit of gun practise, drinking out of the fountain, twister, pillow fights, and some sex, drugs and rock & roll. Oh, did we mention the shotgun wedding? Yeah, that happened…

WARNING: This clip contains one of the soggiest pashes we’ve ever seen… beware!



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