VIDEO: Chicks Who Love Guns ‘Run People’

Chicks Who Love Guns. We’ve been quietly (and not so quietly) vibing for them for quite a while now. I mean why else would we continue to invite them back to play at our clubs? They make punk rock so freaking hot, with plenty of grunt and swagger, with a side of raucous behaviour. We’d love them to chuck a party in our house any time.

Moving on from their stage antics, CWLG have a brand spanking new EP out, ‘Stutter‘, which is gaining popularity on Triple J and community stations across the country. The first single ‘Run People‘ has been immortalised in a music video which is guaranteed to entertain everyone from faint hearted to grunge afficionados. Which are you?

Run People‘ reminds us of the good old early 90’s clips, where crackly grey screens and plenty of static was considered artistic direction. If the track isn’t enough to draw you in (you crazy?!); the hot babes lip-syncing, and rocking the drums and guitar are surely going to get your blood pumping.

You’re welcome.


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