Poncho TV Over?

After a solid year of nude runs, 34 hour Duck Sauce lockdowns, 80km walks from Melbourne to Geelong and exclusive interviews with the likes of The Dandy Warhols, Digitalism, Mystery Jets, Peaches, Classixx and Sinden – It has been announced that presenter Dan Watt will be leaving Poncho TV in 2012. The announcement was made via Watt’s Facebook page.

‘Hello Facebook friends, This is probably the saddest post I’ve ever done but here goes. Back in January Nick ClarkeTim Hamilton and I started something that we had no idea where it would go but we made the commitment to each other that we would stick out the year regardless of what happened. We did that and Poncho is incredible however the years up and I have decided to move on. Most of all I’ll miss working with two of my best friends.’

We’ll be sad to see him go from the show however Poncho.TV released a statement saying that they will be back next year, held down by co-star Nick Clarke‘Poncho will continue to grow in 2012, including events, more episodes and new ventures that you will hear about soon. Look out for our first Poncho Party on the 7th January.’

It’s hard to imagine how it will go on without the boyish relationship between Watt and Clarke, it’s impossible to think of two people with more of a When Harry Met Sally on-screen chemistry; constantly poking fun at trends, popular opinion and the Australian music and Television industries in general. Sceptical as we are, we’re excited to see what they come up with next year.

Check out their show HERE.

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