VIDEO: The 2 Bears ‘Work’

Following their Australia wide tour with the 2011 Stereosonic Festival, Britain’s cuddliest producers The 2 Bears have just put out the official video for their newest single ‘Work’. Made up of Hot Chips Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell; The pair’s charm was solidified back in June with the release of their first single Bear Hugwhich featured the the lyrics ‘I’ve seen you round the bits and I don’t wanna feel your tits – wanna give you a Bear Hug.’

The new track is a little more serious than its predecessor – the lyrics cover the must-dos of living in a capitalist society but still maintains the playful edge we’re used to hearing from the Bears. It’s weird both tracks actually sound like they’re being sung by Teddy Bears… Listen to Bear Hugbelow.


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