Bon Iver Deluxe Release: Watch All 10 Videos

The new video for BON IVER’S track ‘Hinnom, TX’ is simple but engaging. Is the sun setting or rising? Is the cameras perspective coming home after a long absence or leaving forever? It is the unknowable that makes the clip so intriguing.

A few weeks ago I was sitting down to a lasagne dinner at a friends house when the CD player flipped to the Bon Iver disc. I immediately began to tear-up and had to ask that the CD be changed in fear of my cheesy mass of carbohydrates getting wet. ‘Bon Iver’ is an exploration of the epic, the majestic and the tragic. This record really tugs at the heart strings and has managed to capture the ears of millions of people around the world. It is no wonder that the record is being re-released as a deluxe edition including video accompaniments for each track.

Although the video for ‘Hinnom, TX’ is quite beautiful, I can’t help feeling that the deluxe edition of Bon Iver could be similar to when someone makes a movie version of your favourite book – you create all of these amazing mental images when reading the book and then some filmmaker comes along and decides for you what you should be visualising… and they always get it so wrong! Releasing a deluxe version including videos is a great way to make more money but BON IVER create such rich sounds that its enough to put on their record, close your eyes and imagine stuff.

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