Purple Sneakers DJS: RUSU End Of Year Party

RUSU are chucking a huge party to celebrate the end of the RMIT year with a MIXED TAPE –END OF YEAR PARTY at Roxanne Parlour on November 11th with a double denim dress code.   Of course PURPLE SNEAKERS DJS will be headlining; some say it’s because of their perfect party starting track record, other say it’s their impeccable ability to turn indie tunes into dance floor hits.

We know it’s really because nobody pulls of double denim like the long maned RANDALL STAGG and that PhDJ actually pioneered the art of using mix tapes as a tool to pick up.

Backing them up with overflowing plastic cups in hand are M.A.F.I.A., SMOKING TODDLERS and THE BAD CATS.

$15 RUSU Members
$25 Others
Tix available from RUSU office or online HERE


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