WIN: Real Estate ‘Days’

There’s nothing we love more than giving away free stuff, this week we’ve got Real Estates new record ‘Days’ up for grabs. Dazed & Confused weren’t lying when they called it “lush” and The Guardian certainly weren’t pulling your leg when they described it as “A record drenched in sunshine.”

Real Estate have been around for a couple of years releasing their debut self titled album in 2009. It received an 8.5 from Pitchfork and saw the band the road with acts like GirlsKurt VileWoods, and Deerhunter.

They may be from the US but you can hear a lot of Stone Roses and Smiths influence in the breezy reverb soaked vibe of the band’s second album. A folksy middle-American sound complete with to-the-point punchy drums is also present however nodding to veterans like Fleet Foxes and Wilco.

Want to win yourself a copy? All you have to do is tell us the best house you’ve lived in and why. Comment below and don’t say we never give you anything


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