Google JOYRIDE and you’ll find an impressive resume listing him has a talented singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ.  We already knew this, hence him headlining the CAN’T SAY HALLOWEEN PARTY so Gabe Gleeson  caught up with the mountainous DJ and discovered a closet Elliot Smith fan, mediocre dancer and all round nice guy…

First of all you’ll be traveling down to Melbourne to headline Can’t Say’s Halloween Party on October 28, do you have a costume prepared?
I’m thinking “Fitzroy Chic”. It basically revolves around wearing a scarf, carrying around a biodegradable coffee cup and making ironic comments on street art.

You’re based in Sydney, what are your thoughts on the Melbourne music scene?
Melbourne, with regards to it’s music scene and in general, is trying it’s best. Good on them. Seriously though, there are some freaks from south of the border. Great bands, great rappers, great producers.

What does your Party set entail?
It’s like a mix between an older sibling’s cassette collection from back in the day and a car crash. The music being represented by the cassette collection and my dancing by the car crash.

You’re a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ – where do you get the time for all of this and what do you find you devote the most energy to?
I am quite “time-rich”. Which of course means I am also quite “money poor”. But being both of those things means that I have the opportunity to insert my fingers in many metaphorical (and literal) pies. I’d say that at the moment most of my energy is going towards writing for my solo project which, if all goes to plan, will see me become both time AND money rich.

Playing to a packed out tent at Splendour in the Grass this year must have been a lot of fun, tell us about that
I wish I could tell you about that. My prior “over-indulgence” meant that I have about as much of a clue about it as you do.

Sydney DJ Kato would have been playing at the festival as well – have you guys ever gone back to back to see who’s taller? They must put something different in the water in NSW – you’re both pretty mountainous dudes
I’m taller. And more handsome. He is a way better dancer though.

By play count, what’s your most listened to track in iTunes right now?  Don’t lie…
Oh wow. “2:45am” by Elliott Smith. It’s my ultimate “I’m hungover and I hate myself” song. I can’t believe that’s at number 1! I wish you didn’t tack “don’t lie” to the end of that question. I now come across as a depressed wierdo.

What can does the next 3 months hold for you?
Lot’s of writing, lot’s of fun parties, Christmas, my birthday, a few meals here and there, a couple DJ sets and lots more live shows!


Joyride is headlining the CANT SAY HALLOWEEN PARTY:

Venue: Miss Libertine, 34 Franklin St, Melbourne
Friday 28th October, 2011
 10pm till late
$15 General Admission / $12 with Password





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