MP3: Toro Y Moi ‘All Alone’

So… TORO Y MOI… Everyone fell in love, critics and fans alike with his sophomore album ‘Underneath The Pine’ in February this year. Clearly, he likes to keep us happy – he’s releasing an EP ‘Freaking Out’ on September 13. Even better, he’s already released two songs from the EP to download FOR FREE.

The chillwave extraordinaire has given us a taste of his new project, and it’s pretty damn awesome. The track is chilled, with an electronic undercurrent pulsing through it, and his trademark vocals transcending over the top. It doesn’t strike right out at us, but after a few listens it gets better and better. Definitely a grower.

Find out for yourself… All you have to do to score yourself the track is hand over your email address to the email gods. Simple.


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