INTERVIEW: Dune Rats, A Healthy Dose Of Party

We caught up with DUNE RATS guitarist/vocals Danny to talk their upcoming Social Atoms EP Tour, pre show vomits and even a little bit about music.  With the mouth of a sailor and the hair of a goddess, things sure got interesting.

Considering there are only two of you, you manage to have your fingers in a lot of musical pies.  How do you find juggling the bands?
Ummm it’s manageable but it’s getting tougher the more traveling each band does. We’re pretty lucky that nearly all of our friends are involved in music one way or another…so just hanging out with other tang bangers usually is productive…usually.

We recently witnessed BC sprint from a gig with The Cairos on one side of Sydney to playing with Dunes Rats with a 10min window.  It was pretty epic, what’s the secret to your energy? 
Well he did have a vomit before we played so sometimes its about making it look like we have energy haha but yeah a healthy dose of party and just having chill mates makes it fucking fun.

You’re just finishing up your tour supporting The Vines, were there any crazy antics we’ve grown to expect from a one Mr Nicholls? 
Well we just played the QLD leg so the two shows were fucking great! Man he just smashes that fucking guitar every show.  I loved it and it gets better each time! He was a real chill dude and yeah all those boys were just hecticly fun. We got to play with our mates Bleeding Knees Club too which made it even better…we love those guys.

What about your upcoming EP Launch Tour, what can your fans expect in attending one of your shows?
It kind varies but most of the time people come up on stage drunk and we dig that.. and we have some pretty cool mates joining us on stage too.

How do you think ‘Social Atoms’ stacks up against your first EP? Has your style changed/developed/matured/gone to shit?
Shit no. The first EP was rad and I liked it a lot because BC and I were learning everything. Like I was learning guitar and he was learning to sing etc so that EP I think has a real raw simple vibe which I really love. This one is rad haha we just tried hard to write well and surround ourselves with guys/girls who liked the band and were talented. So Berkfinger from Philly Jays, Timmy from John Steel Singers, Sean from Last Dinosaurs and Campbell from Millions all had their input on it and it just made everything awesome…..sorry about all the name drops but fuck it.

And Pogo is now on rotation on Triple J, you must be stoked about that?
Yeah we were stoked! I think it got spun yesterday (Monday) for the first time so if it gets another spin we’ll be really really content.

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