Bon Iver and James Blake Collaboration

We’ve been spouting over Bon Iver‘s perfection for quite a while now. Like HERE and HEREAnd then he (Justin Vernon) goes ahead and does something else to completely blow our minds. This time, he’s teamed up with electronic mastermind James Blake for a collaboration that no-one will forget anytime soon.

The track Falls Creek Boys Choir, is as poignant and beautiful as you would expect from each of these guys. They play to their strengths, with Justin’s delicate vocals, and James’ ability to produce a perfect sounding tune. Even though the track is just under 5 minutes, it leaves us wanting more.

Lucky for us then, that under the Official Youtube Video there is just one short sentence. “Enough Thunder – October 2011”. Whether this be an announcement for the next track, or a whole album, we’re excited at either prospect.


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